Shower power

    Many people listen to music while taking a shower. I don't feel like scavenging for any statistics to support my claim, because statistics are all bullcrap.
    Many people have their radio on while taking a shower, even though it is clearly dangerous. I mean, an electronic appliance, connected to the mains power supply, and water everywhere: clearly their subconscius wants to be set free of their bodies.
    However we've got to give it to them:
under the shower, listening to music beats doing crosswords.

dinner time

    Four unborn chicks and a starving calf. It felt good, so i guess i'll never be a vegan.
    And i'll probably go to Hell.

    Oh, well, whatever.


awful awful hamburgers

    Do you ever happen to think what would happen if all of a sudden the whole mankind would de-evolve to the level of our monkey-ancestors?
    I mean, besides the obvious cases of swift removal from the genepool for those that would happen to de-evolve while holding firearms, or driving some kind of vehicle full of extremely flamable fuel.
    My guess: every survivor, just a few instants after the anti-darwinian singularity would acknowledge no meaning whatsoever in those colored pieces of paper with faces and numbers on them.


Healthy breakfast

    Popcorn e Nutella