On a general basis, I dislike people. This becomes even more significant when it's raining, and everyone opens their umbrellas. It is no secret that I hate umbrellas with a passion burning like a hundred suns.
    First, I hate having umbrellas. Well, I would hate it, since as a general rule I don't have nor use umbrellas. Why should I have an hand busy holding it, trying to fight for it against the wind, and walk weird in an attempt not to blind passerbys, when a much better protection from water can be obtained with a jacket and a hat?
    In second place, I hate people with umbrellas. They generally are not used to having one, so whenever it's raining they have no idea how to move around with it, and end up hitting each other, and poor little me. And if it's not raining anymore, they carry it around, dripping on unsuspecting little me. Then, when they reach their destination (home, office, shop, hospital, morgue) they just leave their umbrellas around, flooding the floor. And they expect to find it back there, in a puddle of their own making.
    To summarize, I propose a world-wide ban on umbrellas. Effective immediately.