Einstein and the third millenium

    Long long time ago, I can still remember, of a scientist winning a Nobel prize for a discovery of his, which proved to be extremely important in applied physics. That same scientist developed a theory of massive usefulness in theoretical and high energy physics. This theory also had wide philosphycal repercussions, and a large popularity among the masses, who couldn't understand one bit of it.

Anyway, that famous theory showed how time and space are interdependent, and illustrated some of the consequences of this discovery.

About a century later, here we are. The theory of relativity is more relevant now than ever, finally finding strong experimental validation to its foundations also in everyday life. It happens, as anyone can easily prove, that because of the height of civilization and technology we reached, that as you approach a nice looking woman she ages more and more at every step you take, space and time folding and crumpling their skin and faces.