Good auld times...

I wish my life was a musical, and the god playing it would periodically type dnstuff.


Joanna Newsom meets a 6 years old

In my inner world lives a Penguin
It always wants to slide
Once upon a time i brought it fishing
And it jumped in the Lake
I suddenly felt worried
For my beaked friend
Hence i dove in the water
As i begun to feel cold
I finally remembered
That kind of bird could swam
So my pretense of rescue
Wasn't really worth it
Towards the shore i turned
But the sinkers in my jacket
Weren't really agreeing
With any attempt to float
And as i was sinking
I was only really thinking
What my inner world would be
But there it were the Penguin
Swimming fast to save me
And he also brought a friend
This my friend is the story
Of how I met Nessie
And we've been in love since then
Big as a dragon
Gracious as a fairy
She's totally the best
So i'll always thank
My dear friend the Penguin
It's for him that we met
I'll always let it slide
Up and down the world
That is inside my head

(cantate secondo un qualunque ritmo vi passi per la testa)