Einstein and the third millenium

    Long long time ago, I can still remember, of a scientist winning a Nobel prize for a discovery of his, which proved to be extremely important in applied physics. That same scientist developed a theory of massive usefulness in theoretical and high energy physics. This theory also had wide philosphycal repercussions, and a large popularity among the masses, who couldn't understand one bit of it.

Anyway, that famous theory showed how time and space are interdependent, and illustrated some of the consequences of this discovery.

About a century later, here we are. The theory of relativity is more relevant now than ever, finally finding strong experimental validation to its foundations also in everyday life. It happens, as anyone can easily prove, that because of the height of civilization and technology we reached, that as you approach a nice looking woman she ages more and more at every step you take, space and time folding and crumpling their skin and faces.



Ho postato su blogorroici. Il frutto di una consegna per un esame di inglese. Quando la finiranno di farmi fare esami di inglese?


Friday night in Pisa

    Buy a pint.
Drink a pint.
Buy a pint.
drink a pint.
Piss a pint.
Buy a pint.
Drink a pint.
Piss a pint.
Buy a pint.
Drink a pint.
Piss a pint.
Buy a pint.
Drink a pint.
Piss a pint.
Buy a pint.
Drink a pint.
Piss a pint.
Buy a pint.
Drink a pint.
Piss a pint.
Buy a pint.
Drink a pint.
Piss a pint.
Buy a pint.
Drink a pint.
Piss a pint.
Buy a pint.
Drink a pint.
Piss a pint.
Head back home.
Four indian dudes.
"This ain't Bollywood. I ain't gonna dance."


The odd little things one notices

    You know how each and every place has its own subtle smell, that triggers your memories when you go back to someplace you had been a long time ago, and reminds you of some moments in your past.
Pisa smells like cut grass that's been left to soak in summer rain for about a week. It's just that kind of sweet rotten stench.



    On a general basis, I dislike people. This becomes even more significant when it's raining, and everyone opens their umbrellas. It is no secret that I hate umbrellas with a passion burning like a hundred suns.
    First, I hate having umbrellas. Well, I would hate it, since as a general rule I don't have nor use umbrellas. Why should I have an hand busy holding it, trying to fight for it against the wind, and walk weird in an attempt not to blind passerbys, when a much better protection from water can be obtained with a jacket and a hat?
    In second place, I hate people with umbrellas. They generally are not used to having one, so whenever it's raining they have no idea how to move around with it, and end up hitting each other, and poor little me. And if it's not raining anymore, they carry it around, dripping on unsuspecting little me. Then, when they reach their destination (home, office, shop, hospital, morgue) they just leave their umbrellas around, flooding the floor. And they expect to find it back there, in a puddle of their own making.
    To summarize, I propose a world-wide ban on umbrellas. Effective immediately.


Water bills

    Basically i'm supposed to pay (a rather large amount of) money to maintain the right not to die of thirst in my own filth. And if i were not to pay, my rights to drink and have a personal hygiene more advanced than your average boar would simply be stripped away from me. I love progress.


relationships pt. 1b

[answering to this]
     My idea is that it's all about timing and attitude. By timing, i also want to refer to the context, so that i use the word timing in a much wider sense that the usual.
    With the correct timing and attitude one can do or say pretty much anything without any dire repercussion or consequence.
    There's no need to be big to have people feel instinctively intimidated. And if you play it right you can spank her, yes indeed.


Sustainability in product engineering

    after a while, hippies bore me. especially hippy managers. they are the damn bloody worst of all hippies. with their bullet-point talks full of acronyms and catch-up words, their graphs and tables which are based on propaganda rather than data. confront them. try to confront them, i dare you. they'll all turn into holier-than-thou mode in less time than it took me to write it, and they'll play with your arguments, turn them and twist them. your perfectly logical points and questions of accountability, trustworthiness of sources and references, will then be clear evidence of your egoism, misantropy, general hate for the world. all of a sudden you are the hunter who killed bambi's mother. you bastard son of a bitch, do you really want all the world's resources to go to waste, all the world's waters to become polluted and toxic, all the world's animals to mutate horribly and die? that is what will happen if you keep questioning graphs 1 through 4, and if you don't follow the guidelines on page 7. i wonder, do they really know the effects of, say, carbon dioxide emissions? do they have a test planet, or a bunch of them, that i don't know of, where they thoroughly examined the atmospheric and ecological dynamics under different time-changing conditions? i'd love to see the data they gathered, their analysis on that. anyway, whatever they say, i still think any bug that bites me should go extinct, at least in a 100 meters radius around me at any time.


Micro and Nano Robotics

    CNTs. CNTs again. I hate CNTs. Can't even fucking burn them. The bastards won't burn. I will probably need to nuke them. A fusion bomb is probably safer. Better safe than sorry, as they say. Might as well drop them all in the sun, see how their goddamn great properties react to that.


Asian Teens

    I think the coming generations might finally overcome our society's arousment for anything coming from the East, if they realize that the East is just West of the USA.

    Also, i want a Twitter client that allows me to save groups of people i follow to show in independent tabs, so that bbc won't clog my window as i attempt to read what other people tweets about.



    I was home this morning, so i overslept. Being the heat leech it is, the dog slept by my legs the whole morning.
    When i got out of bed, after taking a leak, washing my face, wearing some clothes and drinking some water, i sat in front of my laptop, just beside the bed. The dog basically crawled from my blankets to my leg, without having given sign of waking up.
     After almost an hour, i went to the kitchen to set up lunch. The dog slowly walked along, stopping every few steps to stretch its back. As i was standing by the stove, it attemptend climbing on my leg, and upon failure resorted to stretching some more. Then it sat on a chair, and took a short nap as my effortlessly food got through the transition between frozen and tasty.
    As i started eating, the dog started whimpering. I wasn't planning to give it any food, not even crumbs. It knew that perfectly. As i pulled its chair (it doesn't have one it calls its own, but it was sitting on this particular one) beside mine, it went silent and curled up.
    As i was washing the dishes, the dog prowled around the table, hunting for unruly crumbs that might have escaped my broom. Every few turns, it went out of the balcony, walked its perimeter, came back in.
    It was at that moment that i wondered if dogs see time as we generally do, as a line, or if they would represent it geometrically in some other way, like a torus or a trefoil knot.


My new favourite short conversation

    "Hey, sweaty-farts"
"Go fuck yourself with a loaded rifle."
"You go fuck yourself with an eternit lollipop."


It had been years since i last peed in the shower

    So you can imagine the shock of my team-mates when i squatted down and took a dump.


The astounding Flying Carbonara Circus

    With the marvelous swimmers in lead suit and the Ikea Elephants.

This is what life feels like, sometimes.


The Past

    People pour salt in open wounds, to give a taste to their memories.


Post con dedica

    I look around meself, and i see people walking about their life all bent over forward, or crouching, in an attempt to hide themselves behind the small words they speak or write.