If I were a satanist (my phonecall with the BadGuy)

Yesterday i called Satan. He didn't answer on his mobile, so i thought he was somewhat busy, or working, or something.
Later (i was just about to have dinner) my alarm clock began ringing. As i noted it was showing 6:66 it stopped.
Then my mobile rang.

Me: "Hello?"

Satan: "Heya Bovaz. It's me, Satan."

Me: "Hi Big Boss. How are you doing?"

Satan: "Quite annoyed. It was an hard day at work."

Me: "What the hell happened?"

Satan: "That motherfucking dude. I can't bear him any longer."

Me: "Who?"

Satan: "Always that same one..."

Me: "Which one? The one hanging from the wooden sticks? Or the wurstel-eating-old-maggot?"

Satan: "Actually both."

Me: "I see..."

Satan: "..."

Me: "..."

Satan: "So... How was your day, then?"

Me: "Quite fine. I got you a couple fresh souls."

Satan: "Quite fine indeed. Girls?"

Me: "Yeah."

Satan: "Both of them?"

Me: "Yeah."

Satan: "Nice... Virgins?"

Me: "Nope... But one is pregnant."

Satan: "Great. Any Antichrist potential?"

Me: "Not really, i don't think so. Anyway i'll keep a close look."

Satan: "Good."

Me: "..."

Satan: "Listen, you've been looking for me right?"

Me: "Aye, i tried to call you a cople hours ago."

Satan: "Yeah, sorry, i was working and i left my mobile at home."

Me: "No problem. It's not an emergency."

Satan: "What was that about?"

Me: "I was wondering if you could refill me with some good karma. I gotta catch a fly to Moscow this saturday, and i wouldn't like that bloody karma-rule God put us in to ruin my holidays."

Satan: "Ok man. No problem."

Me: "Thanks Boss, you're a friend."

Satan: "Don't mention it. I'll take care of it tomorrow as i get to my office. Now i need a shower so badly i wouldn't care if hell froze."

Me: "I won't keep you anymore then. See you."

Satan: "Good bye Bovaz."

Andrebbe più o meno così.

(chiedo scusa a chi non capirà per motivi linguistici. Chi non capirà per cause diverse non credo meriti delle scuse.)

8 commenti:

bimbapixie ha detto...

In preparazione l'omonimo fumetto. Posso, vero?

Bovaz ha detto...

sentiti in dovere!

Jager_Master ha detto...

non capisco per entrambi i motivi. fanculo.

poppystuff ha detto...

frequenti della brutta gente

Bovaz ha detto...

ma va...

sono luoghi comuni...


Bovaz ha detto...

impaginato un po diverso, perchè sì

Jager_Master ha detto...

ah, ecco
credevo che il mio pc fosse a troie.

invece lo sei te.

Bovaz ha detto...

no, no, sono in camera.