Sustainability in product engineering

    after a while, hippies bore me. especially hippy managers. they are the damn bloody worst of all hippies. with their bullet-point talks full of acronyms and catch-up words, their graphs and tables which are based on propaganda rather than data. confront them. try to confront them, i dare you. they'll all turn into holier-than-thou mode in less time than it took me to write it, and they'll play with your arguments, turn them and twist them. your perfectly logical points and questions of accountability, trustworthiness of sources and references, will then be clear evidence of your egoism, misantropy, general hate for the world. all of a sudden you are the hunter who killed bambi's mother. you bastard son of a bitch, do you really want all the world's resources to go to waste, all the world's waters to become polluted and toxic, all the world's animals to mutate horribly and die? that is what will happen if you keep questioning graphs 1 through 4, and if you don't follow the guidelines on page 7. i wonder, do they really know the effects of, say, carbon dioxide emissions? do they have a test planet, or a bunch of them, that i don't know of, where they thoroughly examined the atmospheric and ecological dynamics under different time-changing conditions? i'd love to see the data they gathered, their analysis on that. anyway, whatever they say, i still think any bug that bites me should go extinct, at least in a 100 meters radius around me at any time.

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